Mac pro logic board replacement cost

We are not responsible for any parts other than the logic board with our Logic Board Only repair service. For over 15 years, Powerbook Medic has been providing parts, repair, and service for a variety of gadgets. In that time, over , orders have left our facility for US and international destinations to help save old devices from the landfill and bring them back to working condition.

If we can't fix it, you don't pay. Call us at , option 2 or Click to Email Us.

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Logic Board Only Repair. Schedule a Logic Board Repair. I had no power due to a bad logic board. Now she's up and running like new again.

How does our MacBook logic board replacement NYC service work?

These are a High Quality set of precision screwdrivers. Perfect for my mid Macbook pro battery and trackpad replacement project. Only 17 left in stock - order soon. It's not totally clear which macbook this was for.

How to Repair the Macbook Pro Logic Board at Home

I accidentally ordered the wrong one. Item worked perfectly! External USB 2. It is also recognized as auxiliary drive to back up my data smoothly. Also, I copied the video images to save to media for my archives. This External Drive is just simple strait forward device without any complexity so that I can use it just plug in and play to use.

The value is good for the price.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. I have called them already, unfortunately the support team refuse to give me an estimate- I imagine they don't want any complaints if it varies from what they say. I'm in the UK so imagine it may be more expensive than you experienced. Dec 29, AM in response to stuartjash In response to stuartjash.

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It has already been taken apart, cleaned and inspected- it is only the logic board that has been damaged display connector and battery chip to be more specific. It still turns on and runs fine but needs to be connected to a display and power source to be useable. Not sure if they have the same practices here in U. Stores of replacing everything didn't realise I'd posted on the US site. Thanks for the help! My guess is that if it is also on the LVDS display cable, they will want to replace that too. The only reason I say that is because I imagine they will want to make sure there are no signs of liquid contamination on that cable, or else you'd probably be back in for another repair shortly after.

I had mine done on a 15 rMBP logic board for a poping sound. It was under warranty but the receipt back for records was This was jan of so its recent.

Mac Pro Logic Boards

Im not sure if the sound check is what made it this price. I had no water damage on the logic board. Dec 29, PM. It would be cheaper to repair the one that is in the unit if decided not get one off from ebay.

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  • Make sure you are buying the right one check the board and go from there it should be Example: XXXX-X Make sure you understand that there is no warranty with your unit so it will full cost of repairs which is insane at the apple store!! Nov 12, AM. Board repair costs on that board are