How to double space on mac word 2010

Only the first paragraph I selected changed, the rest stubbornly stay the same. First as in earliest in the document, nothing to do with the order in which I make the selections. Liz Dexter. If all else fails, the thing that DOES work is opening a new document, copying and pasting this text into that one, then doing the process.

Let me know what works for you. Excellent, you are a life saver! Timothy Takemoto nihonbunka. I am still not getting there. But while in all my documents this creates the line spacing that I am used to, in one of them the lines are bunched up. Thank you for posing this in It is still useful. Thank you very much! I have a similar problem, but not exactly the same.

"How to double Space in Microsoft Word 2010"

Seeing as I wish to combine the docs, then this is annoying as I would then have two different sizes in the spacings between the paras. Anyone know any solution to this please? By the narrow space you cannot highlight, you mean an automatic space between paragraphs. Monica Epstein. It solved my problem. Thank for the response as I am going through this problem now. At issue is this should not be happening at all! It is a flaw in WORD! When a typewriter is more responsive, you know the designer of this has limited abilities. Has Microsoft been informed they have a design issue? Thank you.

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I feel your pain. Still, it gives me something to write about! I had tried removing all formatting by transferring to notepad before pasting back into Microsoft Word but even that did not work. Then I implemented your advice and that was it! Thanks for saving us lots of stress with this thoughtful article. In order for spacing between paragraphs to be active, Word must recognize your paragrpahs as paragraphs. In this case, Word will not recognize your blocks of text that look like paragrpahs as paragrpahs.

If you see an arrow pointing down, and then to the left, you have a carraige-return after your block of text and Word will not apply paragraph spacing the that block of text. Simply delete the carraige-returns, then with the cursor positioned at the end of your paragraph, hit Enter. Lamont Johnson. Thanks this did the trick! I thought maybe it was some hidden characters but none showed up when I unhid special characters and markings.

Thanks so much!!!!

Fixing your #@(*$#)$( Single-Spacing in Microsoft Word

I often write these when I encounter a problem myself — none of us can know everything! It worked — but for only one document. Asa P. Every since my WORD has been defective. Unfortunately it depends on the document so you do often have to do it per document. You could try setting the paragraph spacing then saving as a new. I have a document that is double spaced, and whenever dialogue appears, there is an extra double space between paragraphs.

Any suggestions? I use Mac Word Thank you for your comment. So I suggest you search for a Mac version of these instructions in this case. I have tried to clear the format of the paregraph under work and then apply the desired spacing between the intended paregraph and it works perfectly. Table A explains the wildcards used.

The Find what string, [. Graham mentioned periods, but some sentences end with one of the other two characters. For example, when finding a period, the Replace what string includes a period followed by the literal space characters.

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If you think AutoCorrect would be easier, it would—if it worked. The space character triggers this feature, so the feature doesn't evaluate literal spaces. You could create an entry that replaces every period with a period and two spaces or one , but trust me, you don't want to. It will drive you nuts.

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Why change something that is perfectly simple and good to something complicated for very little reason? Your instruction is not only right to the point but also humorous. I am not sure it you intended it to be or not. But I got big chuckles reading your article. Thank you so so so much. Stupid Microsoft. I have been using google docs as a free replacement. Thank you so much! Great title. It makes simple things difficult. Word Processors used to be great and so quick and reliable to use.

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  • How To Set Double Line Spacing In Microsoft Word For Academic Work?
  • With Word you never know where a line is going to decide to move to when you hit return. An outline should line up taking into account that once you get to double digits or triple digits, the periods still need to line up. All the things we used to do manually and just HAD to be right have flown out the window. How is it that real people are smarter than computers and computers just complicate everything.

    All the finesse has been lost. There are rules, but all the new rules are wrong. Apparently it was actually Apple that changed all the rules for documents. Thanks, Apple, and thanks, Microsoft, for blindly following. You could have checked with actual secretaries instead of computer nerds. You must be logged in to post a comment. By Deborah Savadra on May 29th, 14 comments. The easiest and fastest way to reset line spacing is to use the line spacing drop-down in the Paragraph section of the Home tab: But there is also spacing before and after paragraphs which is independent of intra-paragraph line spacing.

    However, the quickest way to reset the default spacing in your document is to go to the Home tab and, in the Styles section, right-click on the style called Normal usually the first one in the list : Since the Normal style is what most of the rest of the styles in your document are based on, changing this one style will cascade down to the others. When you right-click on Normal, click Modify to get this dialog box: Just click on the single-spacing icon circled above to force single-spacing.

    Fixing This Stuff Permanently Doing this repeatedly in every document is going to get old quickly. Updates Originally published.