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First thing, you should do to check your iTunes, is that have the older version of iTunes. If yes, then you will need to update to your iTunes.

How to fix iTunes Error 3014 - Windows 7

Then you need to simply open iTunes and check for Update. Follow the steps to this task. You need to make sure that the Date and Time on your PC are correct. This might cause problems in the communication with Apple servers as it might create misunderstanding and cause the iTunes error code to show up. Ensure that your date, time and time zone are correct. Many times, the error associated with the antivirus or security software. Make sure that your security software is also up to date.

To do DFU mode, simply turn your iPad off. In case, you are getting the same error, then you must contact with the iTunes customer support team in order to get the comprehensive guide. The best mode for you is to connect with the well-experienced and certified iTunes Customer Support team. The experts will give you comprehensive guidance to fix this iTunes issue.

Also, you will get the reliable and enhanced solutions by highly skilled technicians help to fix other kinds of iTunes technical issues or queries. Mail us : support applemacsupportnumbers. Direct download it and wait for it to finish installing After installing the latest version of iTunes, try to update or restore your iPad and check the error is gone. Super smooth and reliable! Your sleek iPhone is all of this.

Even then, the iPhone proves that nothing is perfect, and your precious device can be killed by iTunes error also called iPhone error Even LeBron James misses a block now and then, but he picks himself up, has a swig of drink from his commercial partner Sprite, and goes again. A missed block is one thing, error is something else. Sometimes it is iTunes, the software which most of us use to manage our iPhone, that is afflicted by iTunes error Probably better to reach for dr.

Apple do tend to update iOS quite often.

Error iphone xs restore mac to earlier

What happens just as often, is that within weeks, sometimes days, another update of iOS occurs. Then, just when you have already been through the stress of updating your iPhone, something goes wrong and error comes to call. When your computer is trying to persuade your copy of iTunes to speak to Apple's servers, something goes wrong. You are faced with a white screen of death.

What are you going to do? Most commonly, this is during an update. Usually it is a bungee jump, down and down to the end of the rope, then smoothly back to safety.

7 Useful Methods to Fix iTunes Error 3014 Without Data Loss

Sometimes your iPhone won't restore , and Error strikes. The dreaded white screen of death, strikes when you are already a little stressed about doing the update, this is probably the time when you might welcome a little help. Straight off, let us say 'Do NOT panic'. This pesky error can usually be sorted out. Here are seven solutions you can try. Let's walk you through all of them.

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We all want to avoid data loss, don't we? The way to keep hold of all those photographs, messages, addresses which you would hate to lose, is to use the right tool for the job.

5 Ways to Fix iTunes Error 3014

If you want to fix your iPhone iTunes error or iTunes error successfully, with no data loss, you can try this software — dr. Download dr. Then run the dr. From dr. You're now well on the well to successfully dealing with Error We are on our way. Ten or so minutes should be all it takes. Once the software has downloaded, it is good to see the repair in progress.

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Cannot stop iTunes error ? Well, it's too early to give up iTunes before you know some seldom-known facts. So the ideal way in this situation is to get a iTunes repair tool to fix iTunes to normal quickly. It is a very simple thing, is a good idea to make sure your version of iTunes is the latest version. If you're not sure, just look at the screen shot below, which makes it clear to be sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.

It isn't everyone's favorite piece of software, but best to make sure you've got all the latest bells and whistles. You may have seen similar with other software. Under the 'help' menu, you can ask for 'updates' to be checked. That communication, you remember, the one from your computer to Apple's servers? It might seem silly, it is usually automatic, but the communication might fail because your computer and Apple cannot agree what time it is.

They're both looking at their watches, but not agreeing. Please make sure your date, time, time zone are correct. Most, recent versions of Windows, will show a screen similar to this. Regardless of whether you're on a Windows PC, or are fully Apple orientated, you should check that you've got all the latest updates. If everything is spanky new, with a little bit of luck, all the different participants will sing the same tune, and the update of your iPhone will work. A firewall stops things getting in and out. It might be the cause of the breakdown in communication with Apple. It IS there for a reason.

Fix iTunes Error 3014 Easily

It is there to protect your computer, and everything on it, but just sometimes it seems necessary to take the risk and switch your firewall off. It is easily overlooked, but you should make sure your internet connection is stable. Make sure that nothing else is running, that iTunes can have the full benefit of your available bandwidth.

This is a bit more of a difficult one. We will take you through it, but you need to be confident about what you're doing.

Symptoms of Error 3014

If you have not done something like this before, be sure to make a restoration point on your system. Step 1 Open Notepad. Then 'open file', and navigate to 'C:WindowsSystem. You might need to ask to see 'All Files' in the dropdown box at the bottom of the dialogue box.