Installing ubuntu from usb mac os x

Why this drive? So it should be more reliable and faster than a generic USB Flash drive. It is more appropriate for a full install of an operating system than a flash drive is. How long will it take? Maybe an hour. If you mess up, a good part of a day.

How to Install Ubuntu and Dual-Boot macOS

Reduce the size of the EmptyDrive partition by at least MB. That is overkill, but it makes things simple. Apply the changes. In the window that pops up informing you that a new Untitled partition will be created, accept by clicking Partition. Unplug the external SSD drive. Insert your USB flash drive that has the Ubuntu installer on it. With the option key pressed on your keyboard, boot up your Mac. Make sure the size of the drive makes sense. Click the green check box to apply the operations. Choose your language.

Using Unetbootin

Check the boxes: Download updates Install third party software Select: something else. Find the ext4 formatted partition you just created in GParted. Your best confirmation is to look at the size of the disk. Do not select the SSD itself Go through the rest of the installation.. But make sure to double check the formatting, especially for underscores, and dashes. The easiest is to email the file to yourself, or save it to a google drive. You can find the boot. Now you can shutdown Ubuntu. The computer might hang.. In the Terminal window, type in: csrutil disable Press Enter.

Restart your Mac. Making Ubuntu bootable part 3 Final stretch! Next, click on the icon above the "Storage" label. Click OK to close the window. Click on the icon above the "Start" label to boot from the "ubuntu You can proceed with the installation by choosing the default values until you reach the image shown below. Here, you should choose "Manual". Configure GRUB. After saving your changes to the grub file, use the following commands to update grub and return to your home directory.

This conversion can be easily accomplished through the use of the interactive command shown below. You should get an image similar to what is shown below. Select "Install Ubuntu Desktop Install until the message shown below appears. Shortly, after this message is displayed, the window will be populated by partition information. This information will obscure this message. This message is wrong.

The message clearly says "You will not be able to create, delete or resize partition on this disk. Delete the last 3 partitions.

How to install Ubuntu on OSX 10.6.8 / Snow Leopard

Select a partition, then select the - character. Repeat for the two remaining partitions.

The result should appear similar to what is shown below. Add back the desired partitions, I choose the same as was deleted. You may want something different. Perhaps a LVM? You will probably want to use rEFInd as your boot manager.

Create a Bootable Ubuntu USB Drive in Mac OS X

Upon review, I see only 3 GiB is usable. A little extra swap space probably is nothing to be concerned over. If you wish, you could make adjustments to my posted installation procedures. How do I set the grub timeout and the grub default boot entry? This answer address your attempt to install Windows If one was able to achieve a EFI boot, they usually were rewarded with the failure of one or more hardware devices. You should use this software regardless of a 32 bit or 64 bit install and for Windows 7 through Windows I have successfully installed 64 bit Windows 7, 8 and Basically, Apple inserted a scarecrow application to fool you into thinking you can not run the installer.

Once you bypass this application, the Boot Camp Support Software should not have any problems installing. This bypass procedure is outlined at this Ask Different website. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 1 year, 7 months ago.

Active 8 months ago. Viewed 4k times. I'm currently running OSX David Anderson Do you know the BCSS version? Which version of Ubuntu are you trying to install? Can you give the name of the iso file? Would you prefer installing Windows of Ubuntu? Or, would you want a triple boot? Are your USB drives broken or is it that you can not get Ubuntu to boot from the flash drive? How did you create the Ubuntu flash drive installer from the iso file? Is your MacBook the Mid or Late model? Was Windows 10 the 32 bit or 64 bit version?

What is the drive size?

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Have you added any other drives? How much RAM memory do you have installed? Now I'm trying to install Ubuntu I've tried with the official iso ubuntu In neither case would my flash drive show up in the boot menu not even with rEFit or rEFind. I created the bootable Ubuntu flash drives using the dd command following the same instructions I've found at several sites online. My USB stick is brand new and doesn't seem to have any other problem. I'd prefer Ubuntu over Windows 10, but any of the two is fine as long as it runs smoothly. Working sound is for example vital.

Installing Ubuntu on an external SSD drive on a Macbook – Floris van Breugel

Triple boot is not necessary. The Windows 10 version I tried was bit. DVD drive has not been replaced. Hope I answered all your questions. Install Ubuntu Server To start I will assume your current hard disk is configured as shown below. This will allow you to replace Ubuntu Server with Ubuntu Desktop. This was chosen to be the same size as your RAM. The remaining space to be allocated for Ubuntu files. GPT fdisk gdisk version 1.

About to write GPT data. Do you want to proceed? Warning: Devices opened with shared lock will not have their partition table automatically reloaded! Warning: The kernel may continue to use old or deleted partitions. You should reboot or remove the drive. The operation has completed successfully.

Note: It would be a good idea to restart the Mac. Click the "Create" button. Select 6, as shown below.

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  • Select "Use as:", as shown below. Select "swap area", as shown below. Select "Done setting up the partition", as show below. Select 7, as shown below. Select "Ext4 journaling file system", as shown below. Select "Mount point:", as shown below. Select "Finish partitioning and write changes to disk", as shown below. Select "Yes", as shown below.

    The install should proceed to completion.