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Step 3: After loading your media files, VLC will start playing them. Here select AirPlay as your Audio device.

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By doing this your audio output device will be AirPlay and it will use your Apple TV speaker to play audio. That's it! Your Apple TV will start streaming video of your Mac device. This issue is faced by many users that they can't get actual screen size while mirroring Mac screen on their Apple TV. You can easily solve this problem. Usually Mac mirrors the inbuilt screen size of your Mac device by default. The reason might be network. First of all you must keep in mind that you connect both of your devices Apple TV and Mac with the same network. If you are still not able to mirror then try to connect your Apple TV and Mac with the Ethernet cable.

If works, then it must be your Wi-Fi problem.

4 Best Free Video & Music Player Apps for Mac: 2019

If you are unable to see AirPlay option on your Mac then you need to update your devices. You must make sure that you are using the latest iOS version for both devices you are going to connect together.

1. Elmedia Player with AirPlay support

Problem 4. If you have AirPlay enabled device but still unable to see AirPlay option or continuously saying "Looking for Apple TV", you can solve it by checking AirPlay options in the control center of you iOS device, check AirPlay mirroring option and swipe here to find out Now playing screen. If still not solved, you can restart your iOS device and another AirPlay device for a shot. If you are unable to see another device to which you are looking to stream your video then make sure you've already turned on AirPlay on the other device. Sometimes users would face no sound issue while mirroring Mac to Apple TV, in that case, the first thing is to check if your volume is muted.

If it's unmuted, run Couchfires from the terminal of your Mac and follow the suggested instructions of Couchfires. Posted 1 day ago — By Rick Marshall.

2 Methods - How to Use AirPlay to Play Video on Apple TV

Home Theater Ditto lets you watch up to four sources of video at once on an Apple TV Apple TV's screen mirroring feature is very handy, but also very limited. You can only mirror Apple devices and only one at a time. A new version of Squirrel's Ditto app for tvOS eliminates these restrictions. Posted 4 days ago — By Simon Cohen. Mobile Enigmatic leaker claims Apple will finally release an iPhone Pro this year The last iPhones launched not that long ago, but rumors about the next iPhone are already surfacing.

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Posted 8 hours ago — By Tyler Lacoma. Happy shopping!

Watch. Listen. Share. AirPlay lets you do it all.

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