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Look at the drive contents to see if you can delete anything you don't need. Is there storage space that can be cleared? Usually there is, so go ahead and delete your old files and free up some space. Alternatively, you can simply transfer files to external drives, DVDs or cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and iCloud.

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Inside we have lots of practical advice for macOS users who want a clean drive that performs well. If you click on "manage" you will be taken to the new tools. While there are some truly helpful elements, like using Optimized Storage to customize what email attachments download to your Mac, most of the tools just move junk from one place to another place. Because a lot of these processes are automatic, Sierra users might not be aware of what the OS is doing on their behalf.

If it sounds like a good idea to have macOS deciding what files to send to iCloud and what iTunes videos to remove, go for it. It can be a hassle but if you keep an eye on the available space on your scratch disk, you can do something when the space is becoming limited.

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Pass that threshold and problems will be just around the corner. So, you've identified rapidly depleting free space on your Mac hard drive — now what? Well, it may be a good idea to change your scratch disk to another drive in your system just not the system drive, as that is one drive you really don't want to slow down. If you followed this guide there is absolutely no reason why you should ever have to deal with the annoying "scratch disk full" error again. Next time you want to create something amazing in Photoshop, you should experience something new - a Photoshop that runs so smoothly it practically purrs.

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Whether you solve the problem yourself or let a great piece of software like CleanMyMac X do it for you, just make sure you clean up your scratch disk. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. Igor Degtiarenko.

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Writer and blogger at MacPaw, curious just about everything. How your Scratch drive is filling up, an example from Sketch.

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Prise en charge de WinRAR et base de connaissances 9. Enregistrement pour une seule licence d'utilisation Enregistrez l'archive rarkey. Merci pour votre soutien!

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Si votre programme de messagerie le permet, vous pouvez la faire glisser directement dans le dossier WinRAR depuis votre programme de messagerie. Elles permettent toutes d'enregistrer correctement votre version de WinRAR. WinRAR trouve rarreg.